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PAR® SG is a highly concentrated and stable pigment designed to improve the appearance of turf and provide a visual spray pattern identification for the applicator. The proprietary blend in PAR® SG will aid in more uniform applications of turf chemicals, including foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators (PGRs), plant protectants, and herbicides. Highly concentrated formulation for maximum performance.



PAR® SG, our unique, proprietary color additive, is a pigment designed to provide a brighter, bolder, more natural green enhancement to turf. PAR® SG can be tank-mixed with most fertilizers, growth regulators, wetting agents, fungicides and insecticides to serve as a spray indicator that can dramatically improve application uniformity and consistency. PAR® SG, applied regularly to growing turf, results in the most important “green” of all – beautiful and durable stands of turf, from tee to green.

 PAR® SG is designed for these benefits

  • Enhance colorant efficacy
  • Promote consistent, uniform and long-lasting color

For optimal, year-round results with PAR® SG, ask your Harrell’s sales representative to create a customized application strategy for your particular growing situation.