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Harrell's Siloxane Surfactant 1Gal HSMSUR SDS Label More…
Harrell’s SprayMAX® Siloxane Surfactant is a highly effective nonionic wetter/spreader/penetrant surfactant. Siloxane Surfactant’s effectiveness may allow the use of the lowest labeled pesticide rate at the lowest recommended surfactant level. Careful observation of spray application is recommended to determine proper and efficient pesticide application. This will optimize the pesticide and surfactant load levels. Read WARNING and precautionary statements carefully before use. While Siloxane Surfactant is designed to be a highly efficient surfactant. Timing, weather conditions, methods of application, crop conditions and/or mixture with other chemicals not specifically recommended are beyond the control of the seller. Therefore, the user should carefully observe spray deposits, rate efficiencies, compatibilities and effectiveness in initial application and adjust the adjuvant rates accordingly. PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONING AGENTS
  • Proprietary Blend of Polyether Polydimethyl Siloxane Copolymers 99.0%
  • Formulation Aids Considered Ineffective as Adjuvants 1.0%
  • TOTAL 100.0%

All ingredients are approved for use under CFR 40, 180.1001 (c).

Harrell's Super Concentrate Blue Qt. HSMSCB SDS Label More…
Super Concentrate Blue is designed to mark chemical spray solutions on golf courses, parks, commercial and nursery applications. Super Concentrate Blue is a proprietary temporary colorant blend used as a visual aid to identify the areas already treated by the applicator. For use with pesticides, fertilizers, and PGR foliar applications on turfgrass and other non-crop vegetation sites with all types of spray equipment.
Harrell's Super Concentrate Green Qt. HSMSCG SDS Label More…
Super Concentrate Green is a concentrated spray solution and hydroseeding colorant designed for temporary marking of commercial spray solutions. The use of Super Concentrate Green eliminates overlapping or skipping of areas. Super Concentrate Green can be used on rights of ways, golf courses, parks, or any other turf or commercial spray application. Super Concentrate Green may also be used during hydroseeding.
Harrell's Tank Cleaner (HA) 1 Qt. HSMTAN SDS Label More…
Harrell's Tank Cleaner: Generally, one gallon treats up to 400 gallons, one quart treats up to 100 gallons.
  • Organic Amine, Inorganic Hydroxides, Surfactants and Formulation Aids 100.0%

All ingredients are exempt from the requirement of a tolerance as specified in CFR 40, 180.1001 (c & d).

Harrell's Turf Marking Foam 1 Qt. HSMTMF SDS Label More…
Harrell's Turf Marking Foam is formulated to minimize golfer awareness of pesticide applications compared to agricultural-type marking foams by dissipating quickly without permanently discoloring sensitive grasses. Harrell's Turf Marking Foam is ideal for rough and fairway applications.