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Harrell's Blue Pond Dye 2.5 Gal HSMBLU SDS Label More…
Harrell's Blue Pond Dye is a blended formulation of water-soluble dyes. Harrell's Blue Pond Dye is designed for use in lakes, ponds, decorative water features and other impounded bodes of water with limited outflow. Harrell's Blue Pond Dye beautifies murky, cloudy or off-colored water with a pleasing, natural aqua-blue color.
Harrell's Defoamer 1 qt. HSMDEF SDS Label More…
Harrell's Defoamer is a highly active, nonionic, silicone, defoamer designed to eliminate foam in a variety of applications. The use of Harrell's Defoamer can control foaming of spray mixtures.The reduction of foam can lessen mixing and filling times and reduce material loss caused by foaming over of spray tanks. Harrell's Defoamer is a reverse emulsion, oil based formula designed to prevent foam formation as well as provide curative knock down of foam that has previously formed. PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONING AGENTS
  • Proprietary Emulsifiers and Formulation Aids 90%
  • Proprietary Blend of Dimethylpolysiloxane and Other Antifoaming Agents 10%
  • TOTAL 100.0%

All ingredients are approved for use under CFR 40, 180.1001(c)

Harrell's Green Spray Indicator 2.5 Gal HSMGSI SDS Label More…

Harrell's Green Spray Indicator identifies exactly where your spray is being applied to the turf. It eliminates overlap as much as 50%. It eliminates misses, which is particularly important when a weed or pest is allowed to remain. Harrell's Green Spray Indicator is nonstaining so it washes off skin, clothing and equipment. It is temporary, fading in sunlight or washing off with irrigation or rainfall.

Harrell's Nonionic Penetrant 2.5 Gal HSMPEN SDS Label More…
Harrell’s SprayMAX Nonionic Penetrant is a broad-spectrum adjuvant specifically designed for optimum activity enhancement when used with a wide range of pesticides and solvents such as water, aromatics and alcohol. PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONING AGENTS
  • Alkyl Polyethoxy Ethers and Other Ethoxylated Derivatives 80%
  • Constituents Ineffective as Spray Adjuvants 20%
  • TOTAL 100.0%

All ingredients are exempt from the requirement of a tolerance under CFR 40, 180.1001(c).

Harrell's pH Buffer 1 Gal HSMBUF SDS Label More…
Harrell's PH Buffer is a water conditioning agent which promotes herbicide performance by modifying elements such as pH and hardness of the spray water. Hard water and high pH can minimize the effectiveness of certain pesticides. pH Buffer positively affects herbicide spray applications. PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONING AGENTS
  • Alkyl Polyethoxy Ether 20.0%
  • 2-Hydroxy -l, 2,3-Propane-Tricarboxylic Acid. 19.0%
  • Dimethyl Poly Siloxane Antifoam 1.0%
  • Formulating Aids and Inert Ingredients 60.0%
  • TOTAL 100.0%

All ingredients are exempt from the requirements of a tolerance as specified in CFR 40, 180.1001(c)

Harrell's Tank Cleaner (HA) 1 Qt. HSMTAN SDS Label More…
Harrell's Tank Cleaner: Generally, one gallon treats up to 400 gallons, one quart treats up to 100 gallons.
  • Organic Amine, Inorganic Hydroxides, Surfactants and Formulation Aids 100.0%

All ingredients are exempt from the requirement of a tolerance as specified in CFR 40, 180.1001 (c & d).