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Harrell's 18-3-6 w/UMAXX 2.5 Gal 822586 SDS Label More…

Harrell’s MAX 18-3-6 with UMAXX® provides Urea and Nitrate Nitrogen plus Phosphorus, Potassium and Iron for consistent performance in a convenient formulation.

Harrell's Max Manganese 5%, 2.5 Gal 200225 SDS Label More…

Harrell’s MAX® Manganese 5% is a liquid foliar formulation designed to help correct and prevent manganese deficiencies on turf and ornamentals. A jar test to check the compatibilities of new or unfamiliar combinations should be performed prior to mixing and application.

Harrell's Max Calcium 8.25%, 2.5 Gal 200238 SDS Label More…

Harrell’s MAX Calcium is a complexed secondary plant nutrient that will aid in supplementing the crop’s calcium requirement and may be applied throughout the growing season. When used as a part of a balanced fertility program, it will correct calcium deficiencies, especially in rapidly expanding foliage and fruiting structures. It is not designed to correct soil pH.

Harrell's Max Copper 2.5 Gal Limited QTY 200252 SDS Label More…

  • Essential for photosynthesis and plant reproduction
  • Increases sugar content, improves color and improves flavor of fruits and vegetables

Harrell’s MAX Copper is designed to help overcome copper deficiencies in ornamentals. Copper sulfate has long been used in ornamental production for its fungicidal and bacterial properties. Specifically formulated to catalyze several plant processes. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS
  • Copper (Cu) 5.10% 5.10%Water Soluble Copper
  • Sulfur (S) 2.00%
Derived from: Copper Sulfate
Harrell's Max Long Iron 2.5 Gal 15-0-0 6%Fe 200249 SDS Label More…

Harrell’s MAX® Long Iron 15-0-0 with UMAXX® is most effective during active growth and less effective when plants are dormant or suffering from stress. Harrell’s MAX® Long Iron 15-0-0 with UMAXX® formulation provides compatible mixing ability with amine based herbicides. This product will mix with most commonly used herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides. Tank mixture compatibilities may vary because changes in formulations, water sources, temperature, and spray volumes. Always conduct a jar test for compatibility before tank mixing.

Harrell's Max Magnesium 4%, 2.5 Gal 200231 SDS Label More…

Harrell’s MAX Magnesium 4% is a liquid formulation designed to correct and prevent Magnesium deficiencies. Magnesium is an important secondary nutrient, very essential for photosynthesis, since it is part of the chlorophyll molecule. Insufficient amounts of Magnesium will appear as a loss of green color at the bottoms of older leaves. Severe deficiencies will also affect younger leaves and can result in the formation of lesions. High levels of calcium and potassium can reduce Magnesium uptake. Harrell’s MAX Magnesium 4% assists in chlorophyll production, providing Magnesium in a complexed form that is readily available for both soil and foliar applications. It is ideal for mixing with acid sensitive products and is generally not affected by soil conditions, other nutrients.

Harrell's Max Minors, 2.5 Gal 200233 SDS Label More…

Harrell’s MAX® Minors is a liquid foliar formulation of the listed secondary and micronutrients designed to aid in the prevention and correction of nutrient deficiencies. The copper, iron, manganese, and zinc in this product have been complexed to improve availability in higher pH soils where trace elements often become unavailable to the plant.

Harrell's Max NS Iron 2.5 Gal 200294 SDS Label More…

  • Specifically formulated to minimize staining potential
  • Corrects and prevents Iron deficiencies
  • Non-ionic surfactants reduce surface tension and improve foliar uptake

Harrell’s MAX® Non-Staining Iron is specially formulated to be applied on lawns and turf areas that present risks of staining concrete. When Non-Staining Iron is properly applied it will correct and prevent Iron deficiencies in turf and lawns. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS
  • Iron (Fe) 6.00%
    6.00% Chelated Iron
Derived from: Iron Citrate
Harrell's Max Potassium + CA 4-0-8 2.5 Gal 200236 SDS Label Metal More…

Harrell’s MAX® Potassium Plus Calcium is a specially formulated blend of nutrients designed for application on a wide variety of turf grasses, trees and ornamental plants. Repeat applications may improve plant tolerance to drought and environmental stress.

Harrell's Orn Max 9-3-6, 2.5 Gal 200291 SDS Label More…

  • Designed for quick green-up and growth
  • Formulated with a complete micronutrient package

Harrell’s MAX Ornamental 9-3-6 High Nitrate Formula has been specially formulated with the optimum 3-1-2 ratio for quick green-up, quality growth and includes a complete micronutrient package. Before using this product read entire label for uses, product information and first aid. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS
  • Nitrogen (N) 9.00%
  • Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) 3.00%
  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 6.00%
  • Calcium (Ca) 2.00%
  • Magnesium (Mg) 0.50%
  • Boron (B) 0.01%
  • Copper (Cu) 0.01%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.10%
  • Manganese (Mn) 0.02%
  • Molybdenum (Mo) 0.002%
  • Zinc (Zn) 0.01%
  • Nickel (Ni) 0.002%
Derived From: Calcium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Phosphoric Acid, Magnesium Nitrate, U-32, Copper-EDTA, Iron-EDTA, Mn-EDTA, Zn-EDTA, Sodium Borate, Sodium Molybdate and Nickel Nitrate.
Harrell's Phosphorus Plus 2.5 Gal 820571 SDS Label More…

Harrell’s MAX Phosphorus Plus 3-30-3 is an integral part of a complete fertility program. Use Harrell’s MAX Phosphorus Plus 3-30-3 along with other Harrell’s products as part of a regular fertilization program.

Harrell's Title Phyte 2.5 Gal ( No WI ) 820816 SDS Label More…
Harrell’s MAX® Title Phyte is a fertilizer treatment for Summer Stress Syndrome in turfgrass. This product is intended to be used as a supplement to a well-balanced fertilizer program. It is not intended to be a substitute for sound soil fertilization and conventional cultural practices. Thorough coverage of foliage is necessary for best results. Avoid foliar application under extremes of climate and stress. For additional information contact your Harrell’s representative.