Harrell's Nonionic Spreader/Sticker 1 Gal

About This Product

Harrell’s SprayMAX® Nonionic Spreader Sticker is intended for use with agricultural and industrial products. Nonionic Spreader Sticker is a highly concentrated low-foam, non-ionic wetterspreader-activator. Nonionic Spreader Sticker is designed to increase the activity and effectiveness of agricultural insecticides, fungicides and herbicides by breaking down the waxy cuticle on the leaf surface and improving adhesion between the pesticide and the plant surface. PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONING AGENTS
  • Emulsifiable Polyethylene & Alkyl Phenoxy Polyethoxy Ethanol 27.5%
  • Constituents Ineffective as Spray Adjuvants 72.5%
  • TOTAL 100.0%

*All ingredients are approved for use under CFR 40, 180.1001 (c & d).