Harrell's Herbicide Activator 2.5 Gal

About This Product

Harrell’s SprayMAX® Herbicide Activator is a highly active ammonium sulfate solution designed to enhance herbicide performance by modifying solution pH and water hardness. The ammoniacal nitrogen in Herbicide Activator has been found to promote herbicide (such as glyphosate) uptake in agricultural applications. Herbicide Activators’ use of high-quality spray grade ammonium sulfate eliminates cold water sedimentation and nozzle plugging commonly found with dry AMS. Herbicide Activator also contains a pH stable antifoam which prevents foaming during tank mixing. PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONING AGENTS
  • Proprietary Blend of Nonionic Surfactant and Formulation Aids 65.9%
  • Ammonium Sulfate 34.1%
  • TOTAL 100.0%

All ingredients are exempt from tolerance requirements under CFR 40, 180.1001(c).