Bio-MAX® Liquid Foliar Nutritionals

Foliar Nutrition

Harrell’s Bio-MAX foliar nutritionals represent state of the art “true foliar” technology for providing more effective and efficient nutrition for closely mowed turf.

  • Each product contains multiple sources of nutrients
  • Nutrient sources are high quality—often food or pharmaceutical grade
  • Nutrients are combined in carefully considered ratios
  • Nutrients are chelated and complexed with organic sequestrants
  • Contain seaplant extract
  • Contain fulvic acid and amino acids

Harrell’s Bio-MAX® liquid foliar nutritionals, represent state of the art “true foliar” technology for providing more effective and efficient nutrition for ornamentals and closely mowed turf.

  1. Translocuticular Pore Spaces
    • These cuticle cracks are small, numerous, and always open, providing the perfect entryway for well-engineered and formulated nutrients.
  2. Harrell's MAX®
    • Harrell’s MAX® Foliars are formulated so the molecular structures are small enough to pass through these pore spaces and penetrate into the turfgrass plant.

Benefits of Seaplant Extract

Our ascophyllum nodosum, cold-processed Seaplant Extract contains elements known to be essential for turfgrass health and growth Furthermore, Seaplant Extract has been shown by independent research to increase all of the following:

  • Plant physiological fitness
  • Plant photosynthetic capacity
  • Chlorophyll content
  • Plant antioxidant levels
  • Cell wall strength
  • Stress tolerance
  • Disease resistance
  • Drought tolerance
  • Root mass and length

Harrell's Bio-MAX® foliar nutritionals are powered by plant health beneficial ingredients including  Sea Plant Extract, Humic Acid and/or Fulvic Acid formulated to increase stress tolerance, photosynthesis and root development.

Harrell's offers four products formulated in this way—two powerful biostimulants (4-0-0 and Root Enhancer) and two balanced nutrition products (7-7-7 and 12-0-6). These products can be combined in easy tank mix combinations to provide the desired amount of macro and micronutrients for optimum turf health, quality, color, and controlled growth.

The Value of Fulvic Acid

Research at Clemson and VirginiaTechUniversities demonstrated that humic acid can provide an additive biostimulant effect.  Fulvic acid is the portion of humic acid that is soluble over the widest pH range.

The value of Fulvic Acid includes all of the following.  Here's what it can mean to the professional turfgrass manager:

  • Fulvic acid is a powerful organic electrolyte, which helps dissolve minerals and metals, so it transforms minerals to make them more readily available for absorption.
  • Fulvic acids contribute to plant health and physiological fitness by enhancing the availability of nutrients, vitamins, coenzymes, and auxins.
  • Fulvic acids enhance plant metabolism so they can help make turf more stress tolerant and disease resistant.
  • Fulvic acids increase the amount of carbohydrates in the plant.  More carbohydrates means more energy and reserves.

EarthMAX® Liquid Organic

Designed to Increase Plant Health, While Minimizing Environmental Impact


  • 100% Organic to USDA standards
  • Contains high levels of humic and fulvic acid
  • Provides all 16 essential elements required for optimal plant health in a readily available organic form
  • Mychorrhizae and Saprotrophic Fungi
  • High carbon content
  • Unique combination of beneficial bacteria and fungi including Bacillus subtilis

Designed for these Benefits

  • Improves C.E.C.- helps hold nutrients in the root zone
  • Chelates nutrients including Ca, Mg and Fe
  • Helps prevent transplant shock
  • Enhances root systems ability to absorb nutrients
  • Rapid seed germination
  • Faster and denser root mass development
  • Increases water-holding capacity
 EarthMAX vs. Non-EarthMAX plants  EarthMAX vs non-EarthMAX plants
Left without EarthMAX®. Right with EarthMAX®. Left without EarthMAX®. Right with EarthMAX®.

EarthMAX® Tech Specs

EarthMAX® is used in intensive plant management to help increase root development and stress conditioning.

EarthMAX® has a concentrated photosynthetic biological package containing, but not limited to:

  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens: Naturally occurring bacteria that is a growth enhancer through the enzymes it produces.
  • Bacillus megaterium: Used as a soil additive in agriculture and horticulture. Produces a large variation of enzymes and recycles organic matter in soil. Plays a significant role in the carbon and nitrogen cycle and breaks down rock phosphate.
  • Bacillus subtilis: Also known as the grass Bacillus. Naturally found in soil. Reduces nitrate and supports plant growth. Forms biofilms in the root zones. Bacillus subtilis has been identified as inducing plant’s systemic response against disease.
  • •Bacillus licheniformis: Is a saprophytic bacteria that degrades thatch.

Other Bacillus present in EarthMAX® cycle nutrients and reduce ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. This process produces cytokinins and a wide variety of enzymes that enhance the natural biological processes in the soil to expedite nutrient transfer to the root zone.

EarthMAX® also contains ecto-mycorrhizal fungal spores.

EarthMAX® contains humic and fulvic acid. Unlike all other Leonardite humates, the patented cold-water extraction process of EarthMAX® ensures that the biology present in the product survives in the production of EarthMAX® and is stable in a highly concentrated form.

EarthMAX® comes from one of the highest fixed carbon deposits on earth. The carbon in EarthMAX® helps the soil hold on to nutrients and moisture. Soil high in carbon stays moist longer after rains and irrigation, has better structure for the growth of roots and exchanges nutrients more efficiently than soil with less carbon.

EarthMAX®’s 16 essential nutrients help provide complete fertilization, complementing standard N, P, K and micronutrient programs.

Our ascophyllum nodosum, cold-processed Seaplant Extract contains elements known to be essential for turfgrass health and growth

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