Early Order Program Bill and Hold Agreement

Harrell's LLC (Harrell's), as agent and distributor, has sold to the currently logged in user and associated client (Customer), certain products subject to an early order bill and hold program. The following represents the certain understandings between Harrell's and the Customer relating to these sales:

  1. Harrell's, as agent and distributor, has sold to Customer and the Customer has bought from Harrell's, in order to take advantage of manufacturer promotions, the products shown on the above checked sales orders, at the price and upon the terms described therein.
  2. As an accommodation to the CustomerHarrell's has agreed to warehouse the products in its warehouse, without charge, until required by the Customer. Such product shall be delivered to the Customer no later than six (6) months after the date of invoice by Harrell's.
  3. The Customer agrees that title to the products passes to the Customer on the date of the invoice.  All sales are final, no returns.
  4. Harrell's agrees to insure the products for loss due to any casualty during the time the Customer's products are in the Harrell's warehouse.

By checking the box below and by validating the agreement via the link provided by email, the Customer agrees that this acknowledgment is correct as to the arrangements made with Harrell's as to these products. Additionally, Customer agrees, that when necessary, to use its best efforts to provide additional support necessary to confirm the terms of this agreement.