When you apply fertilizer coated with Reactive Layers Coating (RLC) technology, you can count on consistent, predictable and dependable nitrogen and potassium feeding for weeks or months, depending on your needs.

Harrell’s uses your local climate data to determine your specific needs and prescribes the perfect POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer for you. There is no guess work and no surprises. Just deep-green, lush, vibrant results - saving you time and money.

RLC uses a unique coating process, applying an ultra-thin, ultra-tough polymer coating to each specially selected round, uniformly sized, dust-free granule. Only POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer is coated using RLC. As the temperature rises, nutrients are released just as the plant needs them. POLYON® is not activated by moisture.

With one season-long application of POLYON® fertilizer, you will feed a little nitrogen and potassium every day – with no peaks and valleys – while putting your crew to work on other projects.

POLYON® - often imitated, never duplicated. Contact your Harrell's rep today to learn more about how your fertilizer can make you more efficient.

Harrell’s is the exclusive U.S. distributor of POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer.