The calendar just flipped to October, but Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. Now is usually time to begin preventative fungicide applications for those warm-season diseases that infect now, but show up later (specifically Spring Dead Spot and Large Patch).

Now is not the time this year, however, as applications are supposed to begin when soil temperature approaches 70 degrees. Dr. Jim Kerns from NC State University tweeted the following last week:



Unless you’re at a mountain elevation it’s too soon to apply. So take a page out of Aaron Rodgers’ playbook and R-E-L-A-X!

As a bonus, the continued warm weather has an advantage for those of you who have procrastinated and haven’t purchased the fungicides you need to make these applications. You’ve waited yourself into the Early Order Programs time of year. There are savings, rebates, and advantageous payment terms available on these and many other products.