Welcome to the Plant Physiology for Growers video series, with Tropical Plant and Soil Expert Lynn Griffith.

Lynn is an expert in the horticulture industry, as well as hands-on consultant. He has been a star class speaker for many facets of the industry, and his passion is making sure plants are growing and thriving.

These five videos cover a variety of topics on plant development and nutrition.

Part 1: How Plants "Think"

What's covered in this video: 

  • How plants are able to sense their surroundings and react to their environment
  • The basic requirements for plant growth
  • How plants get what they need from the soil and the atmosphere

Part 2: Conditions that Affect Growth

What's covered in this video: 

  • How dry conditions inhibit plant growth
  • The importance of light and carbon dioxide
  • How plant hormones help during dry conditions
  • The importance of a plant's moisture economy and transpiration

Part 3: Light, Heat and Moisture Conditions

What's covered in this video: 

  • Plant stomates: what they do, and how they work
  • How plants cope with heat and moisture loss
  • How plants take in moisture
  • The balance of salts in roots vs. the soil

Part 4: Plant Nutrient Absorption

What's covered in this video: 

  • The functions of plant roots
  • The role of nutrients like calcium, nitrogen, magnesium and boron
  • Nutrient needs, and how deficiencies affect plants

Part 5: The Importance of Iron

What's covered in this video: 

  • How to visually spot an iron deficiency
  • Factors that affect iron uptake
  • How well different leaf types take in foliar nutrients