Fresh off the GIS Conference, folks are excited about the “whats new” in our market.  It is great to see that in the past 6 months, manufacturers have introduced several key innovations intended for Turf markets. 

  • Bayer has launched two new products: 
    • Their latest SDHI fungicide called Exteris that will be a strong option for controlling dollar spot.
    • Indemnify – a very powerful and safe option for Nematode control. Something this market has been lacking over the past few years. 
  • Syngenta has launched Divanem, another strong candidate in the nematode management realm.
  • Anuvia has introduced a new fertilizer technology called Grn TRX made from BioSludge and Ammonium Sulfate. This is a safe, low impact option for consideration.
  • Drone footage at golf clubs is literally taking over twitter to include digital mapping of Water Efficiency through GreenSight Agronomic.
  • New grass varieties are being launched almost yearly – TifTuf and Sunday, to name a few of the recent entries into the Bermudagrass arena, and new seed varieties with TWCA drought tolerance certification are now available.
  • Smart phone apps like SPARKS Record Keeping System as well as Task Tracker help Golf Course Superintendents keep better track of their programs and data inputs.
  • Mowers that are GPS and robotically driven are here, and in some cases ready for implementation.
  • There are also several innovations in the way clubs are marketing and attracting new, young members. 

The bottom line is, innovation is all around us and it’s exciting!

It's exciting, but often times because of the digital age we live in, it feels like our innovations aren’t coming rapidly enough. The reality is, something new is being introduced about every 4-6 months.

We must also not lose sight of who is investing in these solutions. It is the manufacturers that ensure we maintain access to these tremendous tools. We must continue to support them!

At Harrell's there is no exception to this rule.  We take innovation very seriously and continue to look at ways of enhancing our leading portfolio through product improvement and innovation.  2016 was no different with the introduction of Cal Plus, a new leading formulation of liquid Calcium.  

We all know that innovation is vital for taking turf and playing conditions to the next level as well as helping to ensure a better and safer environment. Innovation and investment are here to stay. I’m just glad we are in an era where we are able to witness to some of the best innovations the industry has seen in a long time.

 Innovation makes us thrive

Innovation makes us thrive