Harrell’sMAX Programs Recognized at Rutgers Turf Field Day 2016

on by Raymond Snyder in Disease, Golf, Research

The Rutgers Turf Field Day in North Brunswick, New Jersey, was another great success in 2016.  Dr. Bruce Clarke and his team did a great job preparing and hosting the turf industry again in 2016.

Once again, multiple Harrell’sMAX programs were awarded the coveted “Red Flag” also known as “Best in Show” (see photo). Harrell’sMAX program #11, featuring EarthMAX, Title Phyte, and PAR SG, was a standout, resulting in an excellent reduction of anthracnose related symptoms on annual bluegrass putting greens (see graph).

 Many thanks to the entire team at Rutgers University for all of their efforts in continuing valuable turf research!