Devon Freeman is the golf course superintendent at Beaumont Country Club in Beaumont, Texas.  He has been a superintendent for about two years now and has had to learn the role on the fly. The unique thing about Devon is that he has been the superintendent longer than he was an assistant GCS.  To say that the learning curve has been steep is an understatement.

Devon may be young but he wisely maintains the philosophy “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. When he took over the position at Beaumont, he was replacing a very accomplished and successful superintendent who had been there for five years.

When Devon first took over, he told me “I want to keep the same agronomy plan and not change anything for at least my first year.”  This was very a savvy and wise move from a promising young superintendent.

Fast forward to July 2016. Devon felt it was time to put his stamp on his agronomy program for Beaumont CC.  He told me, “I know what we are doing is working, but I really want to dial it in for more consistency,” so we had a great conversation on some of the changes he was proposing for 2017.

One of the changes was to his greens foliar and soil fertility plan.  We discussed these changes for the next few months leading into EOP season, and used the Harrell’s foliar/soil calculator and referencing soil tests to come up with a program.

When building this program we were both looking for ease of use (jug program), plant fertility (N, K, Fe, Mn, Ca, and biostimulants), and to provide great color with consistent playability.  This was not an easy decision for Devon to make, but over the last two years Devon and I have built a great relationship through honest and open conversation.

Devon made the decision to switch to Harrell’s MAX for his greens program, and after seeing the program in action, he admitted that “changing your greens program is not an easy decision when considering the risks, but I put my trust in Clint and it paid off. Adding Harrell’s MAX to my agronomy program has proven itself to be a very positive addition.

I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about what Harrell's MAX can do for your course to discuss the possibilities with your Harrell's representative!