I’m of the belief that wetting agents like Harrell’s Hydro-90 are a valuable part of home lawn and ornamental performance, especially in areas affected by drought.

I live in northeast Georgia, in an area that was hit pretty hard by last summer’s drought, and I’m now staring at a Lake (Lake Lanier) that is 9.5 feet low heading into the spring. This is a good indication that water restrictions will soon be a reality.

Last year a lot of people literally gave up on their lawns, as they were discouraged by high water bills. Some even watered their lawns in the afternoon, which was a total waste of time. The typical homeowner has no knowledge of hydrophobic soils, so they didn’t know the afternoon watering wouldn’t make it to the root zone in hydrophobic areas that created localized dry spots.

Harrell’s has a product called Hydro-90  that is a safe and effective, long lasting soil surfactant. Once in the root zone, Hydro-90 alleviates soil-water repellency and helps overall movement of moisture for up to 90 days. It is particularly effective in areas like mine, where drought can be a problem, as it allows water into the root zone, even on a dry afternoon.  This means optimal turf and ornamental performance for home lawns.

Hydro-90 is a water-based wetting agent. It does not contain any alcohol, so turf safety is not an issue. When applied just before summer heat stress , Hydro-90 will help keep your customers’ lawns properly hydrated without inflating their water bills.

Ask your Harrell’s representative about Hydro-90 today!

This turf was under near drought conditions. Hydro-90 was applied to the area left of the white line.
The area on the right was untreated.