Fleet® + EarthMAX™ = Unbeatable Combination

on by Harrell's in Golf

For maximum root development and firm playing surfaces even when there is the potential for excess soil moisture.


Fleet® has been scientifically formulated with HydrOtecH™ to provide turf managers with the most active surfactant technology and greatest turf safety. Fleet was developed to address both the symptoms and direct causes of soil water repellency and inadequate drainage.


  • Multi-branch structure for consistency over application interval 
  • Advanced hydrophobic coating solubilizer
  • Unique soil conditioner to help neutralize bicarbonates and promote more even distribution of soil moisture
  • Non-phytotoxic
  • Flexible application—can be applied biweekly or monthly

Designed for these Benefits

  • Increases water infiltration and hydraulic conductivity
  • Promotes firm, fast putting surfaces
  • Provides deep, uniform soil moisture distribution
  • Increases soil oxygen content
  • Improves turf color and quality


EarthMAX™ increases root growth and turf vitality, even under environmental stress


  • 100% Organic to USDA standards
  • Contains high levels of humic and fulvic acid
  • Provides all 16 essential elements required for optimal plant health in a readily available organic form
  • Mycorrhizae and Saprotrophic Fungi
  • Photosynthetic and naturally occurring bacteria, including Bacillus subtilis
  • High carbon content
  • Only biologically active humic acid available

Designed for these Benefits

  • Provides balance to your soil structure and restores fertile soil conditions
  • Does not leach
  • Chelates Nutrients including Ca, Mg and Fe
  • Improves C.E.C.- helps hold nutrients in the root zone
  • Diverse biological populations that colonize root systems and improve nutrient uptake
  • Works with resident soil biology to enhance root growth and health


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