Enhance Your Greens Soil Profile

on by Kurt von Hofen in Golf, Soil

Over the past few weeks we have seen the summer heat come in full force.  Whether you have Bermuda or Bent greens, please keep an eye on your greens soil profile.  After receiving the results of water and soil tests recently, I have seen very high sodium and bicarbonate levels.

Also, please do not hesitate to check the spray fill water that you use for filling the tank.  In some cases, the pH has been higher than previously thought and is having a negative impact on fungicides.  Take the time to check the pH and see if a buffer is needed.

Over the last year, many have found tremendous success developing various soil applications to “mine the soil” for plant nutrition, enhance microbial health, improve soil structure, and create a biologically active soil.   Designing a soil spray application can be achieved with, but not limited to, using the following products:

  • HydroMAX® – This provides the “vehicle” to move the products into the soil. (Fleet or Symphony).
  • EarthMAX® – Provides an exceptional source of diverse beneficial bacillus, Carbon, Humic and Fulvic Acid for root development and fungi for thatch reduction.
  • Soil Enhancer – Short to medium range food supplement for soil biology. Microbial food = population increase, possible thatch reduction/dilution.
  • Root Enhancer – Fulvic Acid + Iron.  Helps with nutrient chelation and plant health + root growth. 
  • Cal Plus – To change soil chemistry.  Bicarbonate/salt remediation and pH reduction.  Provides the ability to free up nutrition in the soil.  Also, a good source of Ca, Mg and B.
  • Salt Rx – Formulated as a remedy for bicarbonate affected soils and to displace sodium.

These are all compatible in a soil application and can be the missing piece to the puzzle.

In developing a soil program please consider the following theory or base principals.  A soil program is based upon feeding the soil, and in return the soil feeds the turfgrass.  The Harrell’s MAX® products listed above allow the application to enhance the key fractions in the soil, which are physical, chemical and biological.

Green soil profile prior to Harrell's product application (left) and 3 days after
soil flush with Harrell’s Salt Rx, Calcium, EarthMax, and Fleet (right).

Thanks to Matt Gregg from Hocking International for providing additional information for this article.