Although rainfall is always welcome in Texas, we have received above-normal amounts in the past two months. Excessive rain has brought welcomed cooler temperatures, but also a lack of sunlight.

Typically, September and October are months for superintendents to allow greens to recover from a stressful summer and start developing a good root system to prepare for the winter months. On both Bent and Bermuda greens, the growing conditions went from a hot and dry summer to the extreme opposite.

The excessive moisture and lack of sunlight have led to a decrease in root mass and some disease and insect breakout. We are in November now, with shorter days and cooler nights, and the chance to “bounce back” from these conditions is diminishing. Superintendents should consider doing everything they can to take advantage of these warm days to put on new leaf tissue and roots.

Harrell’s has a Root Health Program that can help you in achieving these results. The products recommended are Earthmax, Root Enhancer, Seaweed Extract, and Fleet. Each one of these will aid in promoting stress tolerance, root mass and length, and Fleet will promote a uniform distribution of moisture.

Left example: Untreated
Right example: Treated with Harrell's Root Health Program
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With the prediction of a cold, wet winter, adding Par SG to the tank will help the leaf blade absorb any additional sunlight. For those with Bermuda greens, covers could be your friend this winter, and will be a must to keeping soil temperatures up during those prolonged cold snaps.

Harrell’s Root Health Program – Apply monthly





5 gal/acre

  • Humic acid
  • Mycorrhizae and Saprotrophic Fungi
  • Provides balance to your soil structure
  • Provides diverse biological populations that colonize root systems and improve nutrient uptake
  • Provides food sources for soil biology
  • Aids with stress tolerance
  • Promotes recovery from winter damage and aerification


5 oz/1000 sq ft

  • Moves water into the root zone
  • Combats salt build-up
  • Helps minimize the key cause of LDS
  • Helps neutralize soil bicarbonates
  • Provides fast and firm putting surfaces
  • Enhances deep moisture penetration
  • Promotes uniform moisture distribution
  • Provides hydration at varying soil depths
  • Improves soil oxygen

Root Enhancer

1 gal/acre

  • Contains fulvic acid and seaweed extract
  • Promotes stress tolerance, root mass and length

Seaweed Extract

1 gal/acre

  • Promotes stress tolerance
  • Root mass and length