Mid July is here and the dog days have officially set in.

This time of year the steamy, humid weather patterns cause angst amongst turf managers. Persistent afternoon thunderstorms and temperatures above 90 degrees create a perfect storm for petulance and stress. Constant evaluation of current programs and approach are critical at this time.

Remember to check with your local Universities and the status of their summer trial programs as they continue to test the best industry-wide fungicides across wide ranging geographies and scenarios. Keeping in touch with our University systems is essential this time of year to balance or compare against current standards.

Finally, monitor your moisture management regime and always make sure you are utilizing the best technologies to accomplish your goals for the current and long term weather patterns. Harrells manufactures two of the industry's leading moisture management tools with Fleet and Symphony, and these products can help you be more successful dialing in your moisture programs.

As we grind through another summer, try your best to maintain a positive attitude, because that is certainly one thing this time of year we have some control over.

All the best!