The following article was written by Matt Gregg.

Walking into many superintendents' offices lately, one common observation I routinely see is a big red box around three to four very specific dates on the yearly calendar.  Commonly this red box is the ever so kind reminder of aerfication.  Well, this cultural practice is knocking on the door step despite a really wild and wacky spring weather pattern. 

 Aerification - click for larger view

This very disruptive and time-consuming practice does, however, provide many positive documented results, such as thatch/mat management, reduction of surface compaction and improved water infiltration.  From a soil biology standpoint, core cultivation has proven to support increased oxygen levels in the soil, in return providing an optimal environment for healthy soil biology populations.

Every superintendent has their “magic” mix of products they incorporate during this cultural practice.  Consider and incorporate the described foundation pillars below to utilize a balanced approach plan for a successful and more efficient aerfication in 2018!

  • Granular Fertilizer - POLYON® -0-0-50 Greens Grade SOP.  Incorporate your soil chemistry type products, such as Gypsum, Hi-Cal or Dolomitic Lime.  Also, consider utilizing a greens grade N-P-K as your base nutrition.
  • Wetting Agents– You’re going to be watering a lot after aerification.  As a very effective distribution agent, Harrell’s Fleet® allows you to water the way you need to without creating soft conditions. 
  • Liquid Foliar Nutritionals & Soil Amendments – Harrell’s EarthMAX®, Bio-MAX® 4-0-0, Soil Enhancer, and Root Enhancer have all proven great success in enhancing root growth, recovery, and improved plant function.
  • Adjuvants & Colorants – Harrell’s PAR® SG, to help improve the visual appearance of your turf. 
  • Harrell’s Plant Protection Programs– Please contact your Harrell’s rep for designing and implementing a specific program approach to your grass type, region, and budgetary needs that will help maximize plant protection from this cultural practice.

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When organizing your next core aerfication, please apply these foundation pillars to your plan.  Contact your local Harrell’s rep for specific products as they pertain to your specific region to ensure your success on an efficient recovery!