Aerification season will soon be upon us, despite the interpretation of a groundhog’s winter prediction.  The value of aerification, which results in reduced compaction, increased water infiltration, and improved soil air exchange, far outweighs the undesirable effect of course closing, surface disruption, and negative golfer feedback.  In addition, aerification is also an ideal time to include desirable soil targeted amendments that increase soil potassium, cation exchange capacity, organic carbon, and soil microflora.

Harrell’s Divot Recovery Mix included during aerification2.5 weeks after aerification Iowa State University Fall 2017. Sand included during aerification 2.5 weeks after aerification Iowa State University Fall 2017.
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Aerification recovery and season long turf health can be enhanced by incorporating select foliars and soil amendments prior to, during, and following aerification.  A Fall 2017 study conducted at Iowa State University determined that the incorporation of Harrell’s Divot Recovery Mix, which contains an optimized mix of sand, MaXand, EarthMAX G, and a very small component of Milorganite, incorporated into aerification holes improved bentgrass recovery by 62% just one week after aerification relative to sand only.

The inclusion of controlled-release K from POLYON 0-0-50 micro has demonstrated increased K uptake of TifEagle bermudagrass as far out as six months following aerification.  Finally, at Auburn University, recovery from aerification can be enhanced by utilizing beneficial foliar applications (see photo below).  Utilizing foliar components that contain seaplant extract, phosphorus, and fulvic/humic acids such as EarthMAX can reduce recovery time without promoting undesirable, excessive growth.



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