The following testimony was provided by Harrell's customer David Nicoll.

My passion was landscaping, and my yard was the best looking golf course on our cul-de-sac. I was a faithful follower of the Scott's Five Step program for over 35 years.

N.E. winters are harsh, and I could not wait to get the grass growing again each Spring. However, by late August, my lawn was stressed out by the heat, the traffic, and the lack of water.

I was first introduced to Polyon in 2010, by my son, Greg Nicoll. He told me about this fertilizer that only needed one application in the Spring and would last through the Summer Months. I would not have to look at my calendar every five weeks and make sure I was home for the next application.

So I took the chance, and said good-bye to Scott's and gave Polyon a try.

Well, the 2010 season was amazing. The lawn looked better than at any time previously. How could one application accomplish these results? It was a miracle!

That fall, Greg gave me another suggestion. He wanted me to overseed with Harrell's premium grass seed. Oh my goodness, the 2011 season was even better than the 2010 season, so that program was added to my regular schedule.

In 2012, I retired to Florida for 7 months of the year, and needed to hire a landscaper to keep the New England homestead maintained.

During the summer of that year, the landscaper's clients had put a hold on his mowing schedule. Their lawns had stopped growing or had gone dormant. 

The landscaper asked me what my secret to success was and I told him about this controlled-release miracle drug, Polyon. He was very appreciative.