Balanced Approach

Harrell’s Balanced Approach Annual Programs

Your prescription for year-long nutrition Using your soil, tissue and water samples, we dial in your specific needs for a turf health program with a combination of granular fertilizer, wetting agents, foliar nutritionals & soil amendments, adjuvants & colorants, and plant protectants. 

 Harrell's Balanced Approach Annual Programs

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Take a look at the summary results from our UF Trials. View all the results.

IFAS Field Trial Results

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The Harrell's Balanced Approach is a unique strategy that addresses all facets of turfgrass health and fertility. The program includes plant protectants and nutrition, soil water retention and turf colorants.

Jason Frank, Director of Turf - Florida, walks us through the University of Florida Balanced Approach Trial in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is one of many University trials in various parts of the U.S. where the Harrell's Balanced Approach has been evaluated.